MDF Blank Sublimation Rectangle Placemat

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  • High-quality placemats with a cork backing for a professional finish
  • Size: 29cm x 21.5cm x 6mm

Pressing Instructions:
Suitable for all flat heat press machines.
50 seconds > 200 degrees.

Please note - The product can bow under heat and pressure from sublimation. To resolve the bowing it is recommended to press the product face down for half of the original pressing time ensuring a silicone application sheet is placed both above and below the product.

As soon as the placemat has been sublimated onto, place it under a heavy object while it cools.  This is to press the placemat back into shape as the heat will have distorted it.

It is best to remove any heat tape once the placemat has cooled to avoid damaging the cork backing.


VAT receipt supplied with every order.

Box Quantity = Individual placemats per box. 

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